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Our Team

The KVC team is organized in a small specialty practice setting. The physician component presently is performed by Robert L. Kistner M.D. who brings years of experience in venous diagnosis and treatment, and in research and education related to venous diseases. The nursing staff is enhanced with the addition of Emily Brewer, APRN along with Kay Suzuki, RN to provide expert diagnostic and treatment support in venous problems.  The business staff is experienced in the details of insurance and other administrative considerations for your venous problems.

ROBERT L. KISTNER, M.D. Chief Medical Adviser
Robert L. Kistner was born into a St. Louis, Mo. medical family in 1929. His father and two of his three brothers were physicians, as were others on his maternal side. His education was with the Jesuits at St. Louis University from high school through medical school and post-graduate residency in general surgery. After serving two years in the U.S. Air Force performing General Surgery, he practiced general surgery in Santa Barbara, Ca. and served as Director of Medical Education at The Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara for two years. He returned to sub-specialty training in Peripheral Vascular Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic and was certified when that specialty held its examinations in 1983.
Dr. Kistner’s vascular surgery career began in 1966 when he was invited to join the Straub Clinic as the first trained specialist in peripheral vascular surgery in Hawaii. He initiated the Department of Peripheral Vascular Surgery there and remained with the department until his retirement from Straub Clinic in December 2004. He founded the Kistner Vein Clinic in 2005 and has continued to spend full time in that endeavor. His academic association has been with the University of Hawaii, with the title of Clinical Professor of Surgery since 1986. A busy clinical vascular surgery practice has been supplemented by research and writing predominantly in the field of venous reconstructive surgery and venous diagnostics. His area of special expertise became the venous system in which he and his colleagues developed a number of original concepts and operations from 1968 onward.
He has authored or co-authored over 150 journal articles and book chapters, one book on venous surgery, and more than 120 presentations around the world, mainly on diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders. He has been a contributing member of multiple vascular societies in the United States, and served as President of several local, regional, and national surgical societies that include having been a founder and one of the presidents of the American Venous Forum and an honorary member of the American College of Phlebology.
Jennifer Tominaga, RVT
Jennifer Tominaga, RVTVascular Technologist
Jennifer graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound and a minor in Biology, and has been a Registered Vascular Technologist since 2005. She started her career at the University of Washington Medical Center performing ultrasound exams for veins and arteries in a hospital and clinic setting. She then pursued a travel ultrasound position which eventually led her back to Seattle in 2009 to work at The Polyclinic. Along with performing a wide range of vascular exams, she worked closely with several vascular surgeons specializing in ultrasound guidance for venous ablations. Jennifer is a member of The Society for Vascular Ultrasound, and was a participant and case presenter in the 2012 Northwest Vascular Technologists (NWVT) Conference which is an affiliate chapter of SVU. During her last two years at The Polyclinic she served as the Lead Vascular Technologist, Clinical Instructor, and Technical Director overseeing lab adherence to the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission guidelines.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jennifer returned to the Islands to join KVC in the beginning of 2018 bringing her years of technical experience. She enjoys being a part of the KVC team and appreciates the demonstration of excellence, compassion, and quality care for patients. She is dedicated to using ultrasound technology to assist in the detection of vascular diseases and performs guidance for venous treatments. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and working on creative art projects.

Emily Brewer APRN-Rx, FNP-C
Emily Brewer APRN-Rx, FNP-C
After completing her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Texas Tech University, Emily moved to Hawaii in 2007. Emily then went on a medical relief mission in Haiti that transformed her life and made her want to be able to help even more people, which she felt she could do best as a Nurse Practitioner. Always hard working and dedicated, Emily graduated Hawaii Pacific University’s Nurse Practitioner program as the Class Valedictorian. As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, she is passionate about holistic care of her patients. Emily’s interest in medicine began at an early age and continued through her college years running track and playing volleyball for Texas Tech University.

Emily became interested in the treatment of chronic venous disease and venous insufficiency as she saw signs and symptoms of it in her physical medicine and weight management patients. What interests her most is the treatment in the advanced stages of the disease. She is the secretary for the Hawaii Association of Nurse Practitioners and a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Emily enjoys food, travel, and exercise, especially if it is in the Hawaiian sun.

Mission Statement of KVC

“To improve the diagnosis and care of acute and chronic venous disease in Hawaii through excellence in clinical management, education, and research of venous problems.”

We honor most of the common insurance plans.

General Statements

The field of venous disease is not well understood by the public or even the medical profession in general. In the real world vein problems are too often managed with less than expert attention. Developments in this field have been dramatic since the 1990’s and  the modern management of venous problems has become one of the most dynamic fields of medical care. Ongoing  research will continue to lead to better understanding of venous disease as better treatment evolves. This clinic emphasizes appropriate introduction of newly developing methods and active participation in education and research about vein problems.

The principles of patient care followed in this clinic are:

  • Accuracy in diagnosis of every case and this requires expert ultrasound imaging
  • Injection treatment of spider veins-cosmetic and symptomatic
  • Minimally invasive office treatment of varicose veins using thermal, chemical and surgical techniques.
  • Diagnosis and management of the swollen leg
  • Diagnosis and management of venous leg ulcers
  • Diagnosis and management of new blood clots and late damage from old clots in leg veins

Care is provided by experienced specialists in venous disorders.

  • Accent on patient comfort
  • Accent on minimal downtime and early return to activity
  • Accent on accurate diagnosis-non-invasive, pain-free, affordable
  • Accent on appropriate treatment using minimally invasive treatment methods
  • An attitude of practical research into new methods
  • Education of the patient, the public, and the profession is practiced.