"I am happy my doctor referred me to Kistner Vein clinic. The pain from my varicose veins is gone and my leg feels so light now. The staff was really friendly and professional and best of all I was back at work on Monday. "
(only gone from work for the long weekend.)


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The Kistner Vein Clinic was developed to provide current treatment options for varicose veins, spider veins, and other disorders of the veins. Experienced specialists in venous disease use the most recent methods. New developments in the past decade have made it possible to diagnose and treat almost all vein problems effectively in the outpatient office environment where the aim is to eliminate the venous problem with a minimum of discomfort and with close to zero downtime from normal activity.

An accurate non-invasive diagnosis in all vein problems by expert ultrasound techniques provides the correct diagnosis and is the basis for targeted treatment of the venous disorder. Treatment choices include the broadened use of injection techniques with and without ultrasound guidance for spider and varicose veins, and new minimally invasive vein shrinkage procedures like the Closure procedure to replace vein stripping for varicose veins. More advanced problems like venous ulcers and difficult swelling of the legs demand thorough diagnosis and instruction in management methods.

Acute blood clots (phlebitis) are diagnosed with non-invasive ultrasound. Treatment for the majority of these is now done on an outpatient ambulatory basis with medications to limit the clot and repeat ultrasound to monitor the response of the clot.